11 Tips for Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

11 Tips for Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

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Choosing the wrong immigration lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can cause you to hit a snag in your case with unwarranted problems and delays. The right immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale will give you peace of mind because the immigration process in the United States can confusing, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

Next to tax law, immigration laws are complex and can be hard to navigate by a jack of all trades. The processes are unlike any civil procedure and change or evolve every day. You need to hire an immigration attorney that has experience whether it is family, employment, or deportation defense. Consider these tips for choosing an immigration lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.

Get a Referral

“Word of mouth” advertisement is always the best kind. Friends and family can be trusted to give you a frank opinion about lawyers they’ve come into contact with or knows someone who has. Ask for referrals from within your network to find the best immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

Do Your Research

In this digital world, everyone has a website or some form of social media presence. This is the ultimate way a client connects with their customers. When you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, read online reviews, testimonials, or endorsements about them.

Consider Modern Approaches

A lawyer reluctant to learn new technologies or work online is probably reluctant to learn about the ever-changing immigrations laws too. Your immigration lawyer needs to be up-to-date with modern apps, tools, and information.

Speaks Your Language

Immigration processes involve paperwork with confusing legalese. If you can find an immigration lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who speaks your native tongue then working out the legal nuances is easier. Consider an immigration lawyer who answers your calls and returns emails. You don’t want to work with a lawyer who lets their paralegals respond to your doubts and questions. You want them to oversee your case.

Member of AILA

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is a branch of the prestigious BAR association for lawyers. It focuses on immigration-related fair practices and is on a mission to improve the quality of the immigration laws. This is a fair sign that the lawyer is in good standing and is committed to laws and practices of immigration.

Active in the Community

A lawyer who offers free and regular educational seminars to students and other associations works hard to keep himself up to date and can also answer any doubts or questions you may have about your case too.

Published Nationwide

When an immigration lawyer is asked to write for AILA, it is a privilege. To be published in newspapers and other platforms is a good sign their opinion is valued.

Ask for References

A good immigration lawyer will be proud to share his or her accomplishments. Aside from knowing how the lawyer treated the recent cases, this will also show patterns if the cases are like yours. Client testimonials are a strong sign the immigration attorney has worked hard to earn those recommendations. Besides, this is a great way to ensure he or she has a good reputation. Check to see what clients say about your immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

Is With You Throughout the Process

An immigration lawyer’s duties do not end with filing paperwork. A good immigration lawyer advises and prepares you for the interview and represents you during the hearings also.

Bring a Companion Along for Consultation

Sitting through an hour-long consultation meeting and going through your case can be nerve racking for some. If you have a friend along with you, he or she can ask relevant questions during the meeting. This will help you remain level-headed and objective to make the right decisions.

Know the Cost and then Sign the Contract

A good immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale understands the likelihood of your case. Some have hourly fees but most immigration lawyers have a flat rate. Your case could be unique or may have additional fees, get to know as much as you can and then sign the contract to seal the deal.

Finally, remain active throughout the process, and if the need arises be proactive to ensure there are no delays from your side. For more information about how to an immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale contact us. We’re happy to help.

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