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Connie Kaplan

8 Reasons to Call Your Immigration Lawyer

Ask anyone about going through the immigration process in the United States and they’ll tell you how doing it alone is no easy feat. The documents, the paperwork, and the process are something that even citizens of the country find hard to navigate. Imagine how it might be for other citizens of the world whose first language is not English!

You may not know everything that has to be done to gain citizenship in this country. This lack of knowledge impedes the process for you and your family. When you call your immigration lawyer, your lack of information is no longer a barrier to legally live and make a living in the United States. Here are seven other reasons to call your immigration lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.

Avoid filing mistakes

Correct filing and paperwork is important to start your process and avoid delays. You need the right documentation to get a visa approved or to get your loved one to live with you in the United States. Did you know that if you marry someone within the United States, a small error in your paperwork can get your application rejected? Your immigration lawyer has enough experience and knowledge to handle your documents and guide you through the application process.

Take advantage of the expertise

The valuable services offered by an immigration lawyer is truly felt after you have experienced a quick, steady response to your petitions. An experienced lawyer will help you understand complicated immigration laws and processes.

Avoid the gamble   

Even if you spend all your time and energy completing the application yourself, there will always be something more that is needed. Whether it is gaining a work permit or a permanent residence status, your Fort Lauderdale immigration lawyer can handle an array of procedures including removal defense. You can avoid taking a risk or gambling your future by calling your immigration lawyer instead of doing it yourself.

Know your options

When it comes to immigration in the United States, you always have options. You may always call your immigration lawyer to discover your options and rights, no matter the situation. The Law Offices of Connie Kaplan, P.A. has worked on thousands of similar cases. They present all your options and protect your rights. Even if you are in a delicate case as that of a deportation, you need a lawyer to understand the full scope of your situation.

Maneuver through special immigration laws

If you are already living in the United States with a valid work permit, you need to follow the law for a successful immigration later on. Call your lawyer to understand what laws apply to your unique issues. This way, you don’t have to risk your residence status in the United States.

To find jobs

Trying to find work is hard enough for the average American. However, for an immigrant, this task is even more difficult. You can call your attorney to help you look for jobs and apply to them in the correct fashion. This doesn’t need to be at the paperwork level. Your immigration lawyer can step up to speak with Human Resources Personnel, help you understand new tools for better job search, and give you tips to ace your interview, too.

Complete your journey to citizenship

Do you want to live the American dream? Your immigration lawyer can help you make that happen with the right first step – a legal residence status. Use the in-depth knowledge and seasoned experience of your immigration attorney to maneuver through the confusing process and procedure.

If you want a favorable outcome, your lawyer can give a credible testimony to your appeal. He or she can help you handle paperwork and also represent you in court hearings. Even the worst types of cases have options. Call your immigration lawyer to find out what they are today.

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