Reasons You May Need an Immigration Attorney

Reasons You May Need an Immigration Attorney

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) states that you do not need an immigration attorney to pursue citizenship in the United States. In fact, immigration is a self service procedure but can be a challenge in certain events such as threat of deportation or filing wrong forms. You can pursue legal citizenship or temporary residence in the United States on your own, however, it is not easy at times. If you have a simple case and clean background than pursuing your legal residence and citizenship alone in the United States is recommended.

We provide valuable insight and feedback into the easiest ways to handle the toughest cases. For your convenience, here is a short list of the types of cases that may benefit from the guidance of an immigration attorney to help you decide if help is needed.

Why Do You Need an Immigration Attorney?

We know immigration laws.

At our law offices we focus on getting your case filed quickly and effectively. Immigration laws are very complex, because they go through changes and litigation often. These changes are based on shifts in the economy, and can lead to misunderstandings that may affect your case. When a case is handled badly it is consequently held up or can be thrown out. Immigration attorneys interpret and explain these laws in order to keep you case moving along. An experienced immigration attorney can make your pursuit of residency and citizenship simple and straightforward.

The USCIS asks that you follow the guidelines on there website, and submit petitions for citizenship and residency independently. However, many petitions are wrongly submitted which often leads to delays in processing or disallowed status. If you do not understand your case’s status you may have a tough time with your paperwork, and complete or submit uneccessary forms. Immigration attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are experienced and can help you avoid errors like this. Our firm uses software and systems to help avoid errors or correct errors in real time.

We make it simple and fast.

If you submit paperwork that is filled with errors your case may be delayed or thrown out. Your immigration attorney is very experienced with filing paperwork, and is able to assists you in preparing your paperwork without errors. Properly preparing your paperwork helps speed up the handling of your case.

When your paperwork is filed, you can be called to meet with Immigration Services. At this meeting the U.S. Embassy or other related authorities speak with you to ask questions about your case, and gain more insight into how the United States can be of service and support as required. Inviting one of our attorneys to your meeting can give you peace of mind and confidence in presenting your case. Additionally, interpreters are allowed and encouraged.

A delay or slow processing of petitions is a common reason to need an immigration attorney. Unfortunately, immigration paperwork is often lost or transferred, because many offices close. After m documents and forms are reviewed incorrectly and rejected. This is the reason that many cases are held up in processing so the USCIS provides a hotline exclusively for immigration attorneys because this hotline helps them follow your case. On this hotline your attorney can receive immediate information about the status of your case.

We defend your rights and future.

We can recommended that you submit an error-free petition the first time. Hiring an immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale is a good first step. Our lawyers have a vast knowledge of the law and the immigration process and proceedings. Consequently, you are can seek citizenship in the United States without the representation of an immigration attorney. Consult with us early to help in your case avoid delays for you and your family.

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