AILA Calls For More Humane Response to Syrian Refugees

AILA Calls For More Humane Response to Syrian Refugees

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The American Immigration Lawyers Association has asked President Obama to “extend more meaningful protection to all refugees and asylum seekers.” AILA President Victor Nieblas Pradis sites the dire, urgent need to help the four million Syrian refugees to find escape from the violence and prosecution in their home country.
Along with the Refugee Council USA and other organizations across the country, the AILA is asking the President to consider raising the cap on refugee admissions from 10,000, to 200,000, of which 100,000 shall be designated to Syrian refugees.

Further, the organization supports the “Protecting Religious Minorities Persecuted by ISIS Act of 2015” to allow direct access to the refugee process for vulnerable Syrians. However, the bill also includes a number of suggested improvements for security measures, including the background check process.

As a member of the AILA, the Law Offices of Connie Kaplan, P.A., supports the organization’s efforts to pursue and advocate for justice, the protection of Syrian refugees, and a more direct, significant, and humane response to the crisis overseas.

Find more information by reviewing the AILA’s press release. For the asylum or immigration counsel you need, contact the Law Offices of Connie Kaplan, P.A. today.

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