Why can Citizenship be denied?

Why can Citizenship be denied?

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Why can citizenship be denied? You got your Green Card, and it’s time to file for citizenship. It is normal to
have many questions regarding your Naturalization Process. You want to make
sure everything is perfect. Every case is different, and every person is in a
different situation.

That’s why we will tell you some of the different reasons that can cause your N-
400 application to be rejected. Keep on reading to know why can Citizenship be denied.

Reason #1: Failing the English and Civics test for naturalization.

As you already know, you need to pass both your English and Civics tests to
become a US Citizen.
If you fail the test, you get a second chance. However, if
you do not pass it the second time, your application will be denied. We have
another blog about everything you need to know about your Naturalization
test, so you can learn what to expect and how to get ready.

Reason #2: Failing to meet financial obligations.

Before filing a citizenship application, be sure you do not have any pending tax
If you are struggling financially, you can work out a payment plan
for what you owe. Schedule an appointment with IRS to talk about a payment
plan and to clear any issues.

Child support obligations are also significant. It does not matter if your children
are now adults, what the custody arrangement is, or if there is no court order.
If you are not paying child support, your citizenship application will not be
approved. Being up to date with child support payments is just as important as
paying taxes.

Reason #3: Lying in your Application.

While you fill out your N-400 form, you may want to leave out certain things,
like a marriage back home, your ex-spouse’s children, or an employer who paid
you in cash. Or maybe that one day 20 years ago you overstayed your visa by
a day, or that you “forgot” that you applied for a tourist visa five times before,
etc….and the temptation is there. But remember, honesty is the best policy.
Tell the truth about everything. Maintain a consistent persona of who you are
because you don’t want USCIS to believe this application, and all the other
ones filed before, are fraudulent. Any discrepancies that point out to you being
less than truthful can hurt your case.

can citizenship be denied? 5 reasons to avoid this from happening

Reason #4: Failure to meet the residence requirement.

Once you become a permanent resident, you can travel outside the United
States and visit your home country. However, there is a continuous residence
and physical presence requirement.

What does this mean? Continue residency means that you have to maintain
residency within the United States for a specified time.
If you do decide to
travel during this time frame, it could disrupt your continuous residency. It is
best to have an Immigration Attorney on your side to let you know what would
the real impact be on your case. Physical presence refers to where you were
when you applied.

Reason #5: The type of Green Card you have.

It might sound strange, but it could be a factor. When USCIS receives your
Naturalization Application, they will review everything again. That means they
could discover any technical error in your original Green Card application.
Maybe you became a permanent resident through marriage, and now you
might be divorced, or maybe you got divorced before the interview and never
disclosed it. Something like this could raise questions about your original
intentions to get married. USCIS does acknowledge that people fall out of love
and that relationships don’t always work out. You need to make sure you leave
nothing to chance. Preparing your application with the correct advice can make
all the difference.

Even though the N-400 Naturalization form itself doesn’t seem complicated, it
doesn’t mean it is “just filling forms.” Just like with any other legal situation,
you shouldn’t do it yourself.
Seeking the correct guidance and help from a
professional can make all the difference in the outcome of your application.

We are working with immigrants whose future embody peacefulness and
accomplishment. If this is how you see your future and want us to help you get
there, give us a call. We look forward to guiding you.

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