What to Expect at an Immigration Case Consultation

What to Expect at an Immigration Case Consultation

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Are you looking for an immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale? Perhaps you or a loved one would like to relocate to the South Florida area? An immigration attorney helps you understand all the nuances that surround the United States immigration processes. Navigating the complex landscape of immigration is tough but an experienced immigration attorney can help you complete the right forms to keep your case progressing smoothly. 

Even if you are still shopping for an attorney, be prepared for your first consultation. Going into the consultation prepared will help you get the most value out of your time. Here’s what to expect before, during, and after meeting with an immigration attorney. By being properly prepared you ensure your attorney understands your case and can provide the most effective case plan and strategy. 

Initial Consultation for Immigration

When meeting with an attorney for the first time, the attorney works to understand your case and what you want to accomplish. Each case is different and usually involves unique situations such as being married or obtaining a work visa.

It’s very important to bring all the documents you’ve accumulated for your case. Whether you have filed the documents or not, bringing them with you gives your attorney immediate insight into your case. Make copies of each document to assure you can leave a set of your documents with the attorney if you decide to move forward.

Make a list of your questions. Be detailed in your responses to your attorney’s questions.  The more details you share, the more your case is properly reviewed and analyzed for the best possible outcome.

Another primary concern involving immigration is completing the right forms and documents. Your attorney will discuss in brief detail what to expect and the types of forms that need to be completed and submitted to move your case along. During the initial consult you will also learn of any benefits that you qualify for and the total cost if you decide to hire the attorney. You’ll also gain a sense of the time frame it will take to achieve your goals.

What to Wear

Choose attire that is casual yet professional. Making a good first impression with your immigration attorney demonstrates that you are committed to working alongside them in getting your case resolved. Choose comfortable yet business casual style just in case your meeting runs a bit longer than expected.

Honest Transparency

Your immigration case is serious and will affect your future. Your immigration attorney expects you to be honest with everything concerning your case. Remember that you have client-attorney privilege so be as candid and transparent as you can. The conversation with your attorney is private and cannot be shared or disclosed without your exclusive permission.


Your immigration case consultation is your initial meeting, and discussing the fee structure right away gives you insight into the total cost it may take to resolve your case. Every attorney is different and bills either hourly, a flat rate, or may require an retainer.

Taking Notes

Your legal problem could be big or small. Either way, swimming through the legal immigration process can be complicated and overwhelming. Your attorney will discuss all the possibilities and outcomes for your immigration case. Taking simple and detailed notes at each meeting to be certain you don’t miss important dates or information.

Ask Questions

Immigration law is complex. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and it’s ok to have questions or doubts about how the system works. Don’t feel shy about asking your attorney questions. Your attorney wants to provide the best resolution for your legal problem. To do that ask your questions right away and as needed. 


Be prepared to sign many documents. You will not only discuss your immigration case at the consultation meeting, but there will be documents needing your signature once you’ve agreed to certain terms. This includes payment as well as documents that will be submitted to the courts. Some documents require witnesses or a notary. Remember to sign only after you’ve conscientiously read all the documents. If you have any doubts, ask your attorney to help you understand them prior to providing your signature.

If you need an interpreter for English or your native language, remember to bring someone along to help you during the consultation. You may bring your spouse or relative or ask your attorney for recommendations. Be open to listening to what your attorney suggests. Your immigration attorney brings experience and knowledge about the immigration laws and all the nuances surrounding your immigration case consultation. It is their goal to achieve your desired outcome as quickly as possible. 

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