Green Card & Work Visas: Do You Need One?

Green Card & Work Visas: Do You Need One?

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Want to start a new life in the United States? Want to work or study in the states for an extended period? Maybe even start a business or enjoy your retirement on U.S. soil? An experienced Fort Lauderdale immigration attorney can simplify your options and help you obtain legal residence status with a green card or work visa.

A green card helps you move permanently to this country in a simple and effective way. Are you visiting right now? Do you wish to settle down in Fort Lauderdale unconditionally? If you do, then having a green card and work visa makes it easy for you to do so with relatively less bureaucratic conditions.

Advantages to Living in the United States

For starters, the United States is one of the biggest economies in the world! Compared to the whole world, you are spoilt for choice of real estate and urban lifestyle. The new booming economy allows you to set up new businesses or take advantage of opportunities that suit you and your lifestyle the best.

Embrace Business Opportunities

If you think about the U.S. dollar rates, it has been one of the stronger currencies throughout time and around the world. Are you interested in bringing your business to the United States? There are many states that offer affordable real estate and living costs that make it easy to establish your business. With a green card, it’s easier to buy licenses and other related business item. You are also positioned to expand your business to other areas throughout the states. 

Save Tuition Fees with a Green Card

Did you know? If you have a green card, you can stop worrying about tuition if you want to study in the United States. You can attend public schools or attend a university that may offer scholarships to international students.  

Open Job Market

The American job market is vast and there is also the dignity of labor here. No job is too small and with the right work visa or a green card you can take advantage of the job opportunities. These opportunities can be anywhere in the country (in both the public and private sectors). Your experience and goals can be achieved based on your own ambitions, skills, capability, and interests.

Public Help Entitlement

With a green card and work visa, you are open to receive health benefits and other helpful services that the United States offers to its citizens. You will also be eligible for social security and retirement benefits. The green card positions you to be eligible for employer health insurance – which is a great advantage in such times.

Family Reunion

Once you have a green card or a valid work visa, you are eligible to bring your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age, and enlist the help of an experienced Fort Lauderdale attorney to help them get a green card too. Your family can get a green card through you so they don’t have to go through in a different petition. There are also special visas for other relatives if they wish to join you or visit you in the United States.

Contribute to the Constitution

Having a green card in the United States allows you to take part in voting. Yes! You have voting rights as any true citizen of the United States who is over the age of 18 years has. But, only if you have a valid green card. You can vote for the local elections, not the federal elections though. 

Your visas will determine how long you can legally live in the country. If you have had a green card for more than five years and fulfill other obligatory conditions, you can also be eligible for citizenship.

Having a green card in your hand is a winning lottery ticket to a better life. There are many benefits you can take advantage of by obtaining the proper legal status you desire and need to reside and work in the United States.

Green Card and Work Visa Warnings

Even with valid work visas and green card, you have responsibilities. These include living in accordance with the law and not committing any acts that violate any person. You must be careful to not be a security risk and must adhere to all the federal, state and local laws as is the duty of any natural citizen of the United States.

Remember to file your returns and report your income if you work or have a business in the states. If you leave the country without applying for a returning resident visa, then you may lose your green card. Be aware of green card scams

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about the benefits of obtaining a work visa or green card contact us today. Our immigration attorney’s are ready to help you find your way in the states and to protect your rights.

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