How to Choose a Removal Defense Attorney

How to Choose a Removal Defense Attorney

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Choosing the right removal defense attorney is important if you may be facing deportation. A removal defense attorney helps your legal case and protects your rights. Facing deportation alone is overwhelming and never recommended.

If you are unsure of the steps needed to defend your legal rights to remain in the United States read on. In this brief guide we cover what a removal defense attorney is and why you may need one.

What is a Removal Defense Attorney?

A removal defense attorney works to defend your rights and keep you or your loved one in the country. They help you navigate removal proceedings and protect your rights. Thus, a removal defense attorney walks with you through the removal proceedings. Depending on your case this often includes coordinating many parts of your case, such as gathering supporting documents, defending your status, or renewing a green card.

Removal defense attorneys have years of experience handling immigration law. Due to the constant changes to immigration law it is hard to handle without legal guidance.

Why You Need an Attorney

A removal defense attorney is not required by law. But, when it comes to deportation or “removal” the court does not provide any legal aide. It is best to consult an attorney if you are in the United States without permission.

Anther reasons you may find yourself or a family member in need of an attorney is to verify your residency. To remain in the states a removal attorney can secure a green card, work on your visa, or prove citizenship.

Additionally, attorneys can help if you have committed any criminal violations. They also can help if you have failed to maintain your immigration  agreements and requirements. In criminal cases involving deportation maintaining innocence requires experience and help.

How to Choose an Attorney

Choose an attorney with plenty of knowledge and expertise in immigration law. Begin by interviewing local removal defense attorneys before hiring one to handle your case.

Inquire about how much representation will cost up front. Be sure to get this information in writing. Ask about how to set up a specific payment plan as well. Ensuring that your attorney fees can be handled up front is essential. Failure to fulfill your payment terms may result in a pause or break in your case.

Check into the attorney’s experience as well as qualifications and licensure in your state. Failure to have proper and recognized legal representation can cost you. Inexperience may also cause your case to be delayed. A proper understanding of how to navigate immigration law is fundamental in any deportation case.

What to Look for in Your Attorney

When choosing your attorney you want nothing but the best. Having an attorney that was also an immigrant is a good start. Connie Kaplan understands the evolving immigration laws. For years she has worked with clients to fight removal defense and protect their status in the states.

Your immigration attorney must be trustworthy and work in your best interest. Through personal experience and understanding the proper application of the law, Kaplan has built an immigration law firm that fights for her clients.

Having a legal problem can be stressful and life-altering. Begin by creating a list of what you need to accomplish in your case. Use your list to help you know which experience your attorney will need.

Once you choose an attorney remember that you most likely will need to begin addressing your case. The faster you begin the process, the easier it is for your removal defense attorney to begin all the legal necessities required for you in a timely manner. Having the right removal defense attorney on your side gives you and your family peace of mind.


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