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Family: Immigration and Sponsoring Loved Ones

Separation from your family and living in another country is no easy feat. You have your struggles and to top it all, the immigration process is daunting and overwhelming. Immigration and family sponsorship is a legitimate way to bring your loved ones into the United States. If you want to sponsor or bring a family member into the country, then you must know all about the immigration classifications, the paperwork, Read More

Green Card and Work Visas: Do You Need One?

Want to start a new life in the United States? Want to work or study in the states for an extended period? Maybe even start a business or enjoy your retirement on U.S. soil? An experienced Fort Lauderdale immigration attorney can simplify your options and help you obtain legal residence status with a green card or work visa.A green card helps you move permanently to this country in a simple and effective way. Are Read More

Immigration Today and Why You Need An Attorney

Immigration was one of the most debated issues in the 2016 presidential election. It’s important to understand immigration today and consider how this can play out in your life. An experienced immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale is here for you, however, it can be a challenge to forecast how future of immigration laws may affect immigrant families and communities. What is important is to know your rights at this Read More

How to Choose a Fort Lauderdale Citizenship Immigration Attorney

Protecting one’s citizenship is no small feat; as such, being on the right legal path is crucial. The paperwork, various immigration laws, and detailed processes are not a cakewalk for the layman. Let alone for someone who may not speak English as the first language. This is where an experienced citizenship immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help settle your case, especially if you are on the path to Read More

8 Reasons to Call Your Immigration Lawyer

Ask anyone about going through the immigration process in the United States and they’ll tell you how doing it alone is no easy feat. The documents, the paperwork, and the process are something that even citizens of the country find hard to navigate. Imagine how it might be for other citizens of the world whose first language is not English!You may not know everything that has to be done to gain citizenship in Read More

What to Do When Facing Deportation

You or your loved one can face deportation if you are not a citizen of the United States. This is true even for green card holders or immigrants with a permanent residence status. If you are facing deportation, you must understand the implications thoroughly. There are important things you can do to prepare for a better removal defense and save the penalties that come with formal deportations. As the leading Read More

What You Need to Know About the DREAM Act

Did you know 65,000 undocumented students graduate every year in the United States, but their legal status poses a threat to their future? They face several challenges and struggle to meet the ever-evolving laws for immigrants looking to further their education. With uncontrolled media and sensationalism, you may be misinformed about your standing. You don’t have to let that get in the way. Here’s what you need to Read More

11 Tips for Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Choosing the wrong immigration lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can cause you to hit a snag in your case with unwarranted problems and delays. The right immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale will give you peace of mind because the immigration process in the United States can confusing, time-consuming, and overwhelming.Next to tax law, immigration laws are complex and can be hard to navigate by a jack of all trades. Read More

What Does An Immigration Attorney Do?

In immigration cases, you can apply yourself or conduct a hearing in court with no legal counsel. Then why do you need an immigration attorney? Even if you do not need one, you should have one. Immigration lawyers help you maneuver through complex laws. These attorneys also interpret the law and help protect your rights. To gain citizenship or residence in the United States legally, these attorneys help. The Role of Read More

4 Reasons You May Need a Removal Defense Attorney

A removal defense attorney is also an immigration attorney. Immigration attorneys in Fort Lauderdale help to handle some of the most important aspects of your case when looking to gain citizenship or avoid deportation. Determining when you may need a removal defense attorney is not always easy, but knowing when to contact one is the most important factors in your case process. Before you begin you will need to know Read More