Immigration Today & Why You Need An Attorney

Immigration Today & Why You Need An Attorney

Connie Kaplan
Connie Kaplan

Immigration was one of the most debated issues in the 2016 presidential election. It’s important to understand immigration today and consider how this can play out in your life. An experienced immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale is here for you, however, it can be a challenge to forecast how future of immigration laws may affect immigrant families and communities. What is important is to know your rights at this crucial time. If you think your citizenship to the United States is unresolved or pending, an immigration attorney can help. 

For example, the politics and the bureaucracy may change the course and affect your rights to citizenship. Even if you are already a citizen, it is important to understand how the change in immigration policies may affect your business or family. It is also important that you know the status of your current immigration status. Here are a few insights to get you started. 

Get Started

Immigration laws are complicated and it is important you understand where exactly the changes come in the wake of the new policies. You have the right to know and that’s why we encourage you to talk about your status and any issues you have about immigration. An immigration attorney can help you talk about your issues, whether during formal or informal conversations to help you identify the main topic surrounding your case. 

If you prefer not to have an attorney, that is ok too. The immigration statute offers you the choice of an attorney. Your attorney can help you file your documents, represent your case in courts, and help you prepare for immigration interviews. However, if you don’t wish to, you don’t have to have an attorney. Here are good reasons you need an attorney, though:

Reasons to hire legal representation

You may wonder what an immigration attorney does for you or if you need one. These are legitimate questions. To give you perspective, consider these reasons to hire legal representation for your immigration case.

Legal direction 

You can focus on your issues only once you’ve identified them. How would you know where to begin, which forms to fill out, or get an update about your next court date? One of the best reasons for you to hire an immigration attorney in Fort Lauderdale is to help you follow the right (immigration) path.  For instance, getting married to a citizen is one way to secure a green card, however, what does it entail?

Maybe you’ve already looked up articles and know which forms to fill out. You think you don’t need an attorney at this point because you’ve got this, right? So you fly your spouse down on a temporary visa to get your marriage-green-card sorted out.

Next steps

You’ve flown your spouse in on a temporary visa but was it legal? If not, you could be facing a removal defense case on top of your immigration case. Your green card application can now be rejected outright and you face a possible ban for life. In cases like these, it’s not about the right forms, it’s the way you approach that matters.

The wisest thing you can do is to hire an attorney before you start any process related to immigration. Pay a small fee for a preliminary consultation to save a whole lot more in the long run. You save your time, effort, money, and avoid risks associated with your case with the help of your attorney’s direction from the start.

Confidence in your case

You not only need good counsel in the beginning of your immigration process, but you may also need to weigh your options during the entire application process. When you hire an immigration attorney in South Florida, he or she is there by your side from the beginning and every step along the way. You can ask many questions, clarify your doubts about the process, and get guidance, all inclusive.

Immigration can be a stressful time as you work on your case. That’s why you need an attorney who knows their way around the complicated immigration processes and laws. Although some people prefer to go through the immigration process alone, you have a choice. Make the right choice for you and your family by hiring an experienced immigration attorney

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