What Does An Immigration Attorney Do?

What Does An Immigration Attorney Do?

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In immigration cases, you can apply yourself or conduct a hearing in court with no legal counsel. Then why do you need an immigration attorney? Even if you do not need one, you should have one. Immigration lawyers help you maneuver through complex laws. These attorneys also interpret the law and help protect your rights. To gain citizenship or residence in the United States legally, these attorneys help.

The Role of an Immigration Attorney 

Explore All Options 

When you meet with an immigration lawyer for the first time, you discuss your case. Depending on the complexity of your case, the attorney reveals your options. Whether it is a permanent residence or petition for temporary work in the United States, your case is analyzed thoroughly to decide on your best option.

Prepare the Application

As soon as you hire an immigration attorney he or she will help you prepare your application. Their knowledge and expertise helps you avoid mistakes that may delay your application. The legal counsel you choose will be familiar with all procedures. This helps you avoid common problems or any delays in processing your case.

Documents for Successful Application

Your attorney cannot be with you during your immigration interviews. But they do help you file relevant paperwork. As your legal counsel your attorney guides you with detailed instructions. They also help filling out relevant forms. Immigration laws are complex and always evolving, and thus the procedures can overwhelm you. An attorney can save you time. They also help you get organized to ensure your application is successful.

Prepare for Interview

The primary role of your lawyer is to get your statements organized and consistent. This counsel ensures you know what to expect in an interview with a government official. This preparation helps to avoid delays or rejections of your application and/or petitions.

Immigration attorneys can handle the most complex cases. This experience and knowledge ensures you know what to expect. They also work to help you avoid potential mistakes.

In the event your application is denied or your hearing delayed, your attorney helps you resolve issues. Whether it is family based petitions, employer-based appeals, or deportation, immigration attorneys help.

Family Based Petitions

If you or your family member plans to enter or visit the United States lawfully, consulting an immigration attorney could save you time. For example, your mother or spouse may want to petition for permanent residence. Oftentimes, people are already living in the States. But, if they want to change the status from immigrant to permanent naturalization, legal counsel is needed.

If a family member comes into the states on a temporary basis and chooses to remain in the United States, an immigration attorney helps you do this without leaving the United States.

Employer-Based Appeals

If you have a small or large business and you find no American workers to help complete your project, then an immigration attorney can help you. In employer-based appeals you must show there is a shortage of American jobs to handle the work. An immigration  attorney helps you sort through the tough employer-based appeals you have. Your legal counsel also guides you on how to get the right visas, whether it is for temporary or permanent jobs in the United States.

Deportation Cases

When facing deportation an immigration attorney can play a vital role in protecting your rights. Aside from ensuring you or a loved one remains in the country legally, your attorney can also protect your assets and status until your case is resolved.

Your attorney will have the experience and ability to navigate the legal system to help you handle deportation or other removal proceedings. Your legal counsel will guide you and any witnesses through the court hearings to give you peace of mind. Hiring an immigration attorney will help you meet deadlines in a timely manner. He or she will also represent you in hearings and advise you on the best strategies to proceed in court.

Hiring an immigration attorney greatly improves your chances for a successful application and help you avoid any delays in processing. They are uniquely positioned to help you pursue United States citizenship as quickly and easily as possible.

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