Connie Kaplan
Connie Kaplan

What To Do Before Applying For Deferred Action

What should I do first?

Take your time when submitting the application
Bear in mind that there is no time limit on when you should file your application, and since there are major risks involved in filing incorrectly, you should not rush applying. This is where an immigration lawyer can help you, especially in completing your application.

Submit all three forms
If you do not submit all three forms with your application—Form I-821D Application for Deferred Actions, Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, and Form I-765WS—your application will be rejected by USCIS. You will at least need a work permit to obtain a social security number, even if you do not plan to look for work.

Ask about any financial assistance
You must pay the filing fee except in very limited, specific, and exceptional circumstances.

Find a copy of your criminal record
If you have ever been arrested, obtain a copy of your criminal record and let your attorney review it before you file your application. Those with certain criminal backgrounds may be referred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement which can seriously harm your chances at having your application approved. Thus, you need to have your record reviewed to ensure you are not providing information which could lead to deportation proceedings.

Establish your eligibility with an attorney
You ought to consult with an immigration attorney to help determine your eligibility for deferred action, especially if you have traveled outside the U.S. since you first arrived in the country.

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