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Our founder has been an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community for over twenty years and has been surrounded by friends and family who identify themselves as LGBTQ+. She has developed an understanding of the particular issues surrounding LGBTQ+ immigration, including discrimination and mistrust. While there have been many ground-breaking changes to US law related to the LGBTQ+ community in the past several years, immigration laws and courts are still working to catch up with these changes.

Our founder, Ms. Kaplan, is a member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, where she has formed unique bonds with other LGBTQ+ business owners empowering each other for mutual success and helping our community. This has led her to work with many individuals, couples, and families who need help with their immigration status.

That’s why we are sensitive to the issues specific to LGBTQ+ immigration. We regularly handle situations involving a significant age difference between partners, history of illegal entry into the United States, prior heterosexual marriages, marriage fraud accusations, denied or pending immigration applications, waivers, polyamorous relationships, gender markers, and domestic violence and abuse.

Our clients typically have overstayed their visa or entered the US without inspection, fallen in love with a US citizen, and now would like to become permanent residents despite their immigration or relationship history. We also help those who found their match abroad and want to bring their loved ones to the US. Most of our clients come to us referred by others in similar situations whom we have helped in the past and who have been happy with our services.

Those in LGBTQ+ relationships can benefit greatly from working with an attorney who has experience representing people in similar situations. The following are just a few types of cases that require a unique approach to get the desired results:

K-1 Fiancé Visas

The K-1 Fiancé Visa is an excellent option for those falling in love with someone outside the United States. Those in same-sex relationships, however, are often unjustly denied by immigration offices at consulates and embassies in certain countries. We will ensure everything is handled properly to face this type of injustice or find a way to avoid it altogether.

Transgender Immigration Issues

Transgender Immigration Issues

Transgender individuals often face unjust discrimination when going through the immigration process, sometimes due to the officer not being sufficiently educated in LGBTQ+ immigration issues We have experience working with people at all stages of their transition, and we will fight for your rights.

Whether you are fighting to ensure your loved one can stay in the United States or are working to bring relatives into the country, we are here to help.

Get in touch with our immigration team

LGBTQ+ immigration processes are constantly changing, and we work hard to keep up with the latest practices. Our team will fight aggressively for your rights, and help you with all aspects of your immigration case. Contact our immigration office to discuss your specific situation, and learn how we can help you today.

No matter where you are, we can help!
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