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Schedule a Consultation

To protect our clients, prospective clients, and staff, we have recently made the following changes to our scheduling and communication process:

  • We will be exclusively using phone and video for consultations and meetings.
  • We will receive and process documents scanned and emailed to us as usual; anything received via mail will be delayed at least 24 hours.
  • As always, we will be responding to our client inquiries and concerns within three business hours.


How does this affect you? It is now better and more efficient:

  • Prospective clients: we can meet with you sooner, resolve your matter sooner, and neither you nor us get sick.
  • Current clients: cases move forward as usual, but without you having to meet with us, as long as we can mail and we all have internet access. Most of you will not notice a difference.
  • Immigration offices and courts may be closing and interviews and hearings may be cancelled or rescheduled – we will still be preparing you as usual and keeping you up to date to any schedule changes or case status.